How do I obtain Virtual Private Network (VPN) access?

The SFUSD Virtual Private Network (VPN) service provides access to the District’s network via a user’s Internet provider. VPN access is intended for use only by SFUSD staff or authorized non-employee contractors/consultants in roles/positions that require off-site or after-hours access to secured SFUSD technology systems. Those with VPN access can remotely connect to SFUSD technology applications and services that are typically restricted when away from a District office or school.

Examples of systems that may or may not require VPN access:

VPN access will not provide users with access to file servers and/or computers located/housed at school sites.

SFUSD Employees and non-employees alike must submit the VPN Access Request Form (see VPN Policy and Request Form at the bottom of this article) in order to be considered for a VPN access account. In addition, before an account may be used, the requester must have two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled on their SFUSD logon account.

SFUSD staff requesting VPN access for non-employees/contractors working with their department must ensure that the non-employee/contractor already has a non-employee SFUSD username and password (e.g. If not, the non-employee/contractor access request process may be found at this link: Non-Employee Acceptable Use Policy & Technology Access Request.

Please be sure to follow the steps indicated on the VPN Access Request Form in order to prevent review/processing delays.

If approved, VPN client software instructions will be shared.

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