How do I enable/activate a class section so that I can see the students in my TeacherVue seating chart?

Often when a class section is added to a teacher's schedule after the start of the school year, they must be enabled/activated in TeacherVue and the enrolled students placed in the seating chart before they can be seen. Following are the simple steps to enable/activate class sections.

1. Login to TeacherVue.

2. Select a period/section that you want to enable/activate.

3. With the class section selected, click Edit at the top of the screen. (Generic screen shots below.)


4. Click the check box to the left of the Course and Section ID to enable/activate it:


5. Scroll down and add students to the seating chart. Be sure that the seating chart dimensions can accommodate the number of students in your class. For example, if you have 25 students enrolled and your dimensions are 4x5, there aren't enough seats for the remaining five students.

6. Click Save.

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