GoToConnect Resources (AKA Jive, GTC, LMI, LogMeIn & VoIP)

GoToConnect Resources

This system is currently in use at the following sites: John Muir, Transportation, DoT, and some for some shelter-in-place staff.

Product overview

Quickstart Guide

Voicemail Guide



Welcome to GoToConnect  (02:07)

GoTo Connect Overview  (09:41)

How do I use visual call parking (6:45)

How do I download and install the GoTo Connect desktop app? (01:36)  

How do I sync my Office 365 or Google calendar (2:17)

How do I use presence monitoring with GoTo Connect?  (01:57)

How do I switch between calls using GoTo Connect Desktop?  (02:30)

How do I switch a call between devices?  (02:36)

How do I send and receive MMS messages with GoToConnect?  (04:29)

How do I set up call forwarding with GoToConnect?  (04:22)

How do I set up my Find Me Follow Me with GoTo Connect?  (05:23)

How do I send text and chat messages with GoToConnect?  (04:16)

GoToConnect: How do I use call parking?  (03:28)

How do I record a voicemail greeting?  (03:31)

Answer Another Ringing Phone: *97  (01:00)

Forward All Incoming Calls: *72/*73  (01:44)

Block Your Caller ID: *67  (01:16)

How do I change my voicemail password?  (02:21

Transfer a Call Directly to Voicemail  (01:14)

Check Voicemail: *98/*99  (02:33)

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