Zoom Safety and Security Protocols

For safety and security, we have streamlined the login process and made changes to security settings. Please be aware of the following changes for the upcoming year.

  • Staff and students must now log in using their SFUSD Google Account. 
      • Students will no longer join meetings through the Zoom app on their Chromebooks. They will need to log in directly from a Zoom meeting link.  
  • All school site staff (except administrators) will now have the “require authentication to join” option checked by default. 
    • It is recommended that all persons check each meeting to confirm that this setting is correctly applied  - “Require authentication to join: SFUSD-Hosted Class Meeting.” 
    • There are ways for site staff to add exceptions to allow external participants to join, when needed. 
    • If you are at a site, and you plan to host public meetings in Zoom, check your settings first to ensure you can allow external participants.
  • Names for SFUSD meeting guests will now appear exactly as they appear in Google for staff and students. The ability to add pronouns in Zoom will still be available once a user has joined a meeting.

Please visit our Zoom Resources for more useful information.

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