How do I delete class sections in my school's master schedule or edit existing section information now that section locking is enabled?

Once the Synergy Gradebook Sync. with TeacherVue begins for the new school year (typically two days prior to the first day of school) Synergy Section Locking is enabled to prevent key fields (Course ID, Period Begin/End, Meeting Days) in the section class record from being changed and to prevent sections from being completely deleted.  Having the key fields changed or sections deleted creates orphaned records in the TeacherVue Gradebook, Synergy attendance records, and student grading records.

If you need to change key fields to existing class sections, this requires you to create new sections with the new/correct information and then move students into the new sections and drop them from the old sections with Enter/Leave Dates that do not create overlapping class section Enter/Leave Dates.

To essentially "delete" a section so that it can no longer be used accidentally, it's recommended that you take the following steps:

  1. Locate the affected class section record.
  2. Drop all of the students from the class section; use an appropriate Leave Date.
  3. Change the section Max (seats) to "0".
  4. Change the section assigned teacher Staff Name to a "Staff__" name, or a school administrators' name.
  5. Change the section Room number to something not generally used, "Office" for example.
  6. Change the section Attendance Option to "Exclude from Attendance" ONLY IF ATTENDANCE WAS NEVER TAKEN IN THE CLASS; otherwise, leave the setting as is.
  7. Change the section Grading Option to "Exclude from Grading" ONLY IF NO TEACHERVUE GRADEBOOK ASSIGNMENTS WERE EVER CREATED AND NO GRADES FOR REPORT CARDS WERE EVER SUBMITTED; otherwise, leave the setting as is.
  8. Click Save.


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