Designate a Digital Learning Facilitator & Cohort Support

Designate up to two Digital Learning Facilitators to act as your school site liaisons to the Department of Technology.

In support of the Graduate Profile, Digital Learning Facilitators engage sites to empower their school community in personalizing learning, as well as designing and managing digital opportunities so that each and every student can thrive in the 21st century. Please review the detailed overview and expectations for additional information. Additional compensation is available for these roles. For more information about Facilitators, please reach out to Dan Frost at

Each school also has a partner from our Digital Learning & Enablement team who will be able to liaise with you and your Digital Learning Facilitator. Please stay tuned for outreach from your Cohort Partner for site support during opening of schools. For more information about your Cohort Partners, please reach out to Lindsey Blass at

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