Former employee access to SFUSD Gmail, Google Drive, Google Classroom, Google Forms, etc.

Former SFUSD employees are not granted access to district systems after their employment with the SFUSD is ended.  This applies to all systems that an employee may have had access to during their employment including their SFUSD Google account and content stored in their Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Classroom, etc.)

An employee's Google account data (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Classroom, etc.) is not deleted upon departure from SFUSD. Existing sharing permissions set on shared materials continue so that if shared with others, they may still access the materials.

Upon departure, an employee’s Google Apps account is suspended. Account suspension is effective when the Human Resources Department changes the employee's employment status in the employee information system. When a Google Apps account is suspended, two things happen:

  1. A suspended user can no longer login to access the account.
  2. A suspended user’s account ceases to receive new mail.

Note: All materials such as documents, calendars, sites, forms, sheets, and slides, among other resources within the account remain intact and existing sharing permissions established by the original owner/creator of the material continue.

  • If an editor of the shared material decides to change the permission settings afterward, then the new settings will take the place.
  • Unless the material is manually deleted, there is no risk of data or document loss to the original document because of Revision History.
  • If a copy is made of the original material, then all future edits to the original document are void in the copied document.

There are reasons to change ownership of content to that of an account that may perhaps belong to a department chair or site principal, especially for district-wide curriculum; changing ownership of everything, however, is not necessary in most instances. Sharing the contents of a folder with another person and granting editing rights is sufficient.

If email or other documents need to be retained by a departing employee, the employee must make backup or personal copies prior to the end of their employment.  The following link provides details for making backup copies of Gmail and other content stored in Google Documents, Sheets, etc.: Google Takeout.

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