How do I report lost or stolen SFUSD-owned equipment?

Lost and Stolen Equipment Procedure – Technology Items and Devices

Unfortunately laptop computer theft is very common, please remember that leaving anything of value in your vehicle (even the trunk) is never a good idea and is an open invitation to thieves.

The very first thing to do is file a police report with the law enforcement agency in the same city or county the laptop computer or other equipment was stolen.

Information you will need to provide to the police and to SFUSD:

  • Manufacturer, model and serial number of the laptop/equipment.
  • Date and time of theft.
  • Approximate address of theft and general description of event.
  • Your current contact information.
  • Details: were other items stolen? Power cord, case, flashdrive, etc.

Next, visit the SFUSD Risk Management Department internal website ( obtain a copy of the ‘Stolen Property’ form and fill it out completely. Make 2 copies and submit one to the Department of Technology (DoT) at 555 Franklin Street or fax to 415-202-0758, and one to the Risk Management Department at 555 Franklin Street.

Along with your Stolen Property form, please submit a copy of the police report to the Department of Technology by submitting a service request ticket.

The information on the police report must include:

  • Police Agency Information (e.g. SF Police Department; San Mateo County Sheriff Department).
  • Precinct Information (phone number, precinct/station number/name, contact Info.)
  • Police Report that includes the file/incident/or ID number issued by the law enforcement agency.  A police report that you submit without the file/incident/or ID number is not acceptable.
  • Investigating officer's ID/star/badge No. and full name and any relevant contact information.

The information the Department of Technology needs in order to initiate an investigation is:

  • Serial number of the laptop/equipment
  • Your employee ID number
  • Model of laptop or other stolen equipment
  • You SFUSD username/login username
  • Your current contact information

SFUSD DoT in conjunction with law enforcement and our tracking software vendor will then initiate an investigation and try to recover the laptop. We will keep you up to date as we receive information or a resolution.

Please note: The district is not insured for and does not reimburse programs, departments or schools for damaged, lost, or stolen computer equipment. Any funding for replacement will be determined through an investigation conducted by the appropriate program manager. If negligence is found, the employee responsible may be asked to personally reimburse the program for replacement of the lost or stolen equipment.

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