How do I send a mass email to all or large groups of SFUSD employees?

The SFUSD Department of Strategic Partnerships & Communications has developed the following guides for mass communications to employees:

When sharing information with all employees:

  1. For important but Non-urgent matters – Use news/announcement aggregators: OASIS (weekly), e-newsletter (monthly), Employee Intranet homepage.
  2. For Urgent/key messages – Can send a mass notification to all district emails in cases such as:

a. Emergencies
b. Legally mandated information
c. Superintendent’s messages
d. Important time-sensitive information relevant to all employees

Who can send emails to the all employees list?

  • Superintendent or designee
  • Chief Technology Officer or designee
  • Chief of Human Resources or designee
  • Chief/Deputy Superintendent of Strategic Partnerships & Communications

People who wish to broadcast to all employees may ask one of these authorized senders to send on their behalf. Authorized senders will be responsible for making sure the email meets the criteria above for urgent/key messages.

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