How do I get a new course added to the SFUSD curriculum table?

New Course Submission Process

All new courses must be vetted by Curriculum and Instruction Department (C&I) prior to being offered at school sites. To submit a new course, please complete the new course template then follow the guidelines below.  Note: This process is for a new course which does not currently exist for instruction in the SFUSD.

The process to apply for a new course are as follows.

  1. The department chair of the requesting school site completes the new course template.
  2. The application is submitted to the Supervisor of Secondary Programs, in Office of College & Career Readiness, Division of Curriculum & Instruction.
  3. The Supervisor of Secondary Programs forwards the application to the appropriate subject matter department in C&I.
  4. The application is placed on the agenda of the subject matter Department Chair Meeting for discussion and review. The central office designee who facilitates the department meetings provides a forum for department chairs to review the application. At this time, any teacher from the requesting site may be asked to attend in order to get clarity on the application.
  5. The department chairs representing various sites determine whether the application should move forward, would need to be revised or should not proceed. If the application does not proceed, a written notice is sent to the requesting site with the rationale for the denial. 
  6. If the decision is made to move forward with the request, the application moves to the HS AP of Curriculum meeting for discussion and approval. At this meeting, the central office subject matter designee will present the application and share the findings of the department chairs with the APs of Curriculum.
  7. The APs of Curriculum either approve the request or decide that it should not proceed. Again, although the central office designee presents the request to the APs, a representative from the requesting site may be asked to be there to answer questions and provide clarity on the application to the APs.
  8. If the APs approve the request, the application with the "seal of approval" is sent to the Supervisor of Secondary Programs.
  9. The Supervisor of Secondary Programs adds the course to the catalog and submits for a–g, if requested.

High School – a-g approval

Please use the new course template to prepare your new course. You may either submit the form to the Supervisor of Secondary Programs, or complete the form at

For high school teachers or administrators seeking a-g status for a new course, any staff may register and develop courses in the course management portal, but only SFUSD Curriculum and Instruction Division, Office of College and Career Readiness submits courses. The SFUSD template includes the required materials for a-g submission.

Those preparing a-g submissions should review the subject a-g course criteria on the UC website

a-g course submission period

The University of California's annual "a-g" course submission period is February 1 - September 15:

Phase 1 (February 1 - May 31)
New courses submitted during Phase 1 have up to two opportunities for re-submission if the course is not approved. The first re-submission must be sent to UC by July 31; the second re-submission must be sent to UC September 15. Submit to C&I by May 15th.
Phase 2 (June 1 - July 31)
New courses submitted during Phase 2 one opportunity for re-submission. Re-submissions must be sent to UC by September 15. Submit to C&I by July 15th
Phase 3 (August 1 - September 15)
New courses initially submitted during Phase 3 have no opportunity for re-submission. Submit to C&I by September 1.


Support developing your new course is available through the Office of College and Career Readiness. For additional information on the new course submission process, including site or individual support, please contact Linda Wells at or 415-379-7750. 

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