SFUSD Username or Email Account for a Non-Employee (Contractor, Vendor, Intern, Student Teacher) or Renew Expired Account

Individuals who are not SFUSD employees may be granted an SFUSD network username/login on a limited basis. All non-SFUSD employees who provide direct service to students and/or need access to SFUSD online platforms are required to have an SFUSD account. Effective 2023, all non-SFUSD employee accounts are required to use SFUSD multi-factor authentication to access their SFUSD account.

Non-Employees (contractor, vendor, intern, student teacher, CBO, etc.) must have a contract or memorandum of understanding (MOU) properly approved/executed to cover the dates of service before a non-employee may be granted an account. They must also indicate their acceptance of the SFUSD "Acceptable Use Agreement and Technology Access Request - Non-Employee 2023" (AUP) by signing and submitting the AUP (see the document link at the bottom of this article).

On the AUP, there must be an SFUSD employee named who is responsible for supervising/monitoring the non-employee's use of SFUSD technology resources. This SFUSD responsible employee must also complete the form that will define the system(s) to which access is requested and, finally, the requesting district-office head of department (or executive director) or school principal or assistant principal must approve the request by signing and submitting the AUP. Please note that additional system-specific access requests may also need to be submitted if requesting access to systems that are subject to a higher level of review (e.g. Synergy SIS, EMPowerSF, GoFAST, Illuminate, etc.)

When filling in the form, supply all requested information. The most common reasons for delays or rejections are due to missing information or signatures.

Non-employee account requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and submission of the AUP form does not guarantee that an account will be issued.

All non-employee accounts expire at the end of the current fiscal year unless an earlier date is indicated on the form; therefore, non-employee accounts continuing into the next fiscal year must have a new AUP submitted at least two weeks prior to June 30 to the DoT Help Desk in order to maintain uninterrupted access.

For sponsoring departments that are requesting multiple accounts for individuals in the same agency/organization and under the same MOU/contract, please use this template to organize your requests. The sponsoring district-office department head or Executive Director can provide written approval in bulk with the template and an e-signature letter/statement in a DoT service request

The request form below may be typed into (see blue fields) and saved and/or printed.

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