How do I request an iPad app?


Getting a free app on an iPad is as easy as opening an SFUSD Service Request


Visit the App Store on the iPad and find the app you'd like to request. Copy the URL of the app location and paste that into an SFUSD DOT Support Request. You can do this by emailing from your SFUSD email account. (You will not be able to purchase or request an app from the Apple App Store on a managed SFUSD iPad.)


Our Team then reviews the app and checks the SFUSD Approved apps list and when vetted, adds the app to the group in our server that has collected all your sites iPads. This is called "scoping" the app. We can do this for all Free applications. 


There is a app on all SFUSD managed iPads called Self Service. Self Service is SFUSD's version of the App store, it is where Staff or Students can download and install all approved apps available on an SFUSD managed iPad.


When you open the Self Service app you will find all the applications that we have scoped to your school site or department. You can select install from this app (Self Service) and add the application to the iPad. 


Once we scope an application to the iPads at your school site or department someone will have to open the SFUSD Self Service app on each iPad, find the app you've requested, and install it on the iPads.

(This information also applies to SFUSD managed Apple laptops as well!)


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