How do I create a report with attendance counts for earthquake or fire drill at an elementary school?

The report to use is "ATD601 Daily Attendance Summary". To generate this, go to:

Synergy SIS> Attendance> Reports Daily> Summary> ATD601 Daily Attendance Summary.

Leave all of the fields blank except enter the INCLUSIVE DATE RANGE: The Start and End date will be the date that the drill is taking place. Click the "Print" button to generate the report.

Here is what each of the columns mean:

  • The "Days Enrolled" column = number of students enrolled in the class that day. Each student counts as "1".
  • The "Days Present" column = number of students present in class that day. Absent students count as "0".
  • The "Days Excused" column = number of students marked excused absence that day.
  • The "Days Unexcused" column = number of students marked unexcused absence that day.

For each column, the totals for that individual class section appear at the bottom of the column.  See below for the school-wide totals.

The last page of the report shows the school-wide totals:

  • Days Enrolled = number of students enrolled in school that day.
  • Days Present = number of students are present in school that day.
  • Days Excused = number of students marked excused from school that day.
  • Days Unexcused = number of student marked unexcused that day.
  • Days Present + Days Excused + Day Unexcused = Days Enrolled.

You may disregard the Days Tardy but the other reasons column would show students on Independent Study, Suspended, etc., if any students are marked that way.

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