I'm a teacher, where can I find out about online classroom attendance taking in Synergy?

Here are a number of frequently asked questions about online classroom attendance. If you have a question that is not answered here, please submit a service request with your question.

What if I don’t take attendance in the first 30 minutes?

Answer: In accordance with California Department of Education requirements, you must take attendance on the day the class occurs. TeacherVue will only allow you to record attendance for today’s sections. It is important to take attendance as close to the start of the class as possible.  The new system will allow us to begin contacting parents during the current period to encourage student attendance.  This will only work if you take attendance at the beginning of class.

What do I do if I forgot to take attendance yesterday?

Answer: You must submit your attendance using the manual method and give it to your school's attendance administrative assistant/secretary will input it into Synergy SIS. The attendance administrative assistant/secretary can provide you with a Class Roster. Update it with student attendance, sign and date the roster and return it to the attendance administrative assistant/secretary.

What is the T30 attendance code and how do I use it?

Answer: There are 3 different attendance codes you can select in TeacherVue:

A = Absent - Unexcused. Use this when a student isn’t present at the time you take attendance.

T = Tardy. Use this for students who were 30 minutes or less tardy to class.

T30 = Tardy > 30 Minutes. Use this for students who were over 30 or more minutes tardy to class.

For example, let’s say you took attendance within the first 10 minutes of class. You marked mark all missing students with an A. If a student, previously marked A, shows up over 30 minutes after class started you should modify their attendance code to T30.

When shall I use the T30 code?

Answer: Only use the T30 code to indicate that a student arrived to class more than 30 minutes tardy.

I’m a PE teacher and there’s no Wifi available in the yard or locker area. How will I take attendance online?

Answer: If you can’t plug into a network port, or you don’t have wifi access you must submit your attendance using the manual method and the attendance administrative assistant/secretary will input it into Synergy SIS or you can take attendance on your device once you're back in your athletic office or locker room.

As a substitute teacher can I take attendance online in TeacherVue, too?

Answer: Yes.  Substitute teacher with use the Synergy Substitute Teacher login process to post online attendance in TeacherVue.  Substitute teachers should check in at the school office with the secretary that handles the substitute teacher process at the school site.  The secretary will provide a sheet with the teacher's schedule as well as the TeacherVue login information.

Can I take attendance on my mobile device?

Answer: If you can use a browser on the mobile device you may be able to use it to take attendance in TeacherVue. Department of Technology can only provide support for mobile devices that have a District asset tag on them. The level of support the Department of Technology can provide depends on how closely the device matches SFUSD’s standards.

If you purchased within the past three years to District standards, Department of Technology will provide full support. We'll go the extra mile for older equipment as well, but there are no guarantees that older devices will function adequately.

If the device was donated and refurbished by the Ray Porter Center, Department of Technology will provide best effort support, with no guarantees that the device will work for online attendance.

If the device was donated, registered with the Board of Education, but not refurbished by us, Department of Technology will provide advice and guidance when we understand the issue.

If there is no SFUSD asset tag on the device: no support. 

Do teachers need to continue to keep a teacher roll book?

Answer: Yes.

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