How do I get rid of old computers or other equipment?

California State Education Code 17545-17555 indicates that only the San Francisco Board of Education is empowered to authorize the sale and/or disposal of furniture and equipment (including computers) in the school district.  The SFUSD Business Services Department formalized the disposal process by sending a monthly report to the Board of Education of all the obsolete and unusable items.  Details of the procedure for disposal are as follows:

Complete a SFUSD General Requisition form with the following information:

1.   Item and description (provide a brief description of each item to be disposed of).

a.  For example: chairs, table, computer monitor, computer CPU.

b.  For computers, monitors, and other accessories, indicate the manufacturer, model, size of the screen and SFUSD property tag number.  It is critical that the property tag number is indicated so that the item may be removed from the district’s inventory.

2.   Disposal: indicate in the requisition whether the property should be disposed of for the purpose of replacement or if it is unsatisfactory or no longer suitable to school or office use.

3.   Quantity: indicate the quantity for each type of equipment named in the requisition.

4.   Condition of equipment: indicate if the equipment is broken, damaged, or if it can be reused.

5.   Age of equipment: indicate the date of purchase and the original purchase price.

6.   Source of funding: for purchases made with federal/state, consent decree, or grant funds, the site administrators should take appropriate steps to obtain approval from the proper funding or granting authority before the disposal of the equipment.

7.   Send the completed General Requisition to the Warehouse: you may fax the requisition to 415-920-5046 to begin the process but a signed original copy must still be sent to the Warehouse via inter-office mail.

The Purchasing Department will obtain Board of Education approval to “surplus” the item(s) from the district inventory.  Submission of a consent calendar item on the Board agenda requires a minimum of three weeks to process.  As a result, all sites should send their requests at least one month prior to the date they wish the equipment removed to allow the Purchasing Department to place all items on one monthly Board of Education consent calendar agenda item for approval.

After the Board approves the consent calendar item, the Warehouse staff will be instructed to pick up the equipment from each of the sites.  All equipment determined to be in suitable condition will be stored at the Warehouse for future use in the district.  All equipment that have no value and are beyond economic repair will be disposed of in a cost-effective manner.

Computer, televisions, and computer CRT monitors are considered hazardous materials and are no longer acceptable at domestic garbage facilities.  Computer and other accessories that are beyond repair will be picked up by the Warehouse staff or other authorized vendor and take to an appropriate recycle facility.

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