How do I change my email address or SFUSD login name? I recently changed my legal name.

In order for us to change your SFUSD email address or your SFUSD username, your legal name change must first be submitted to the SFUSD Human Resources Department. After Human Resources has updated your electronic employee record, we can proceed with your email address change.

For your consideration, here are some things affected by changing your email address:

  • SFUSD network/computer username/logon.
  • SFUSD employee website username/logon.
  • Name on school roster/class lists (if the school site decides to update in SIS).
  • Other systems that you currently use that rely on your SFUSD account name, including but not limited to: PeopleSoft (Extended Calendar, SRPA, Evaluations, etc.,) Synergy SIS, GoFAST, Online Payroll/Timeroll, Illuminate, SchoolMessenger, Substitute Teacher System, Special Education Information System, Sharepoint, and others.

In addition, you may have to contact other SFUSD departments directly or submit additional paperwork because the Department of Technology handles the account set up to only a handful of systems, but we can point you in the right direction after the change.

Please understand that once your account is renamed, you will have to notify your email correspondents of your new email address because we are unable to forward messages addressed to your former email address and messages sent to your former email address will return to the sender as deliverable.

If you want to proceed with your email address change please submit a service request with your details AFTER the Human Resources Department has updated you employee record.

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