Streamlining Collaboration: Google Groups, Shared Drives, Delegated Emails, and Labels

Shared email accounts, shared drives, or a mailing list for your school site, department, or office are offered to staff through help desk requests.  These provide the benefit of allowing these important resources to be managed and delegated to staff as roles and people shift or change over time. It increases security as it prevents staff from needing to share their personal passwords (which should never be done). 

Here are some of the options the SFUSD Google support team can support with:

  • Shared Drive - A drive of files regularly used by a group of staff. One manager turns access on and off for members and gives approvals for who can, add, edit, or view files.
  • Delegated Access Email Address - A single email address that multiple staff can use to send, read, and respond to emails
  • Google Group - Use to create mailing lists to communicate with groups of 15+ staff members*

For a more detailed explanation of each tool review this slide deck to double check which tool is best for your needs. Then submit a help desk ticket with the request tool. Please note, due to limited resources and to protect sensitive information all requests are subject to approval by the Google admin group. If we are able to meet your request we will still schedule a short orientation after which  we turn over the manager status to the desired tool to the appropriate staff. 


*(fewer than this we ask you create Google Labels on your own)

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