How do I generate a report for Multipurpose Family Income Form (MFIF) submission status?

School office staff with access to Synergy SIS may generate the MFIF submission status reports by following the directions below. For questions, please reach out to Student Nutrition Services via email to

  1. Open Synergy and sign in:  
  1. Below the Pad Tree find the a search field and type Query or use the following path: 
    1. SFU > Synergy SIS
      1. Query
        1. Query 
  1. Then click Open at the top and select the output type. Recommend Excel.
  1. Click on the Public Queries tab
  1. Go to tab 3 select Report 50
    Double click on Report 50 School MFIF Roster with all students. Select Execute

More MFIF reports Go to tab 4
Report 65 and 66 Students No MFIF on file only

  • #65 Students No MFIF Form On File w/Teacher & HR
  • #66 Students No MFIF Form On File w/Parent contact & Teacher & HR
  • #50 (New 23-24 SY) All enrolled Students and Yes or No MFIF on file
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