How do I know if students can watch this YouTube video? How do I get a video approved?

"Watchable by"

SFUSD students can watch any videos in YouTube that say "Watchable by":

These videos are visible to all students PK-12, and many are allowlisted by YouTube itself. The ones that are allowlisted by YouTube cannot be blocked, unfortunately. If you don't see a "Remove" button next to the "Watchable by", then it has been allowlisted by YouTube and can't be blocked for students.

"Video not approved for"

If a video says "Video not approved for", you can make it visible to students by clicking the "Approve" button in the bottom right corner: 


You will only see the approve button if you're logged into your SFUSD account, and only SFUSD staff see the button. Please keep in mind that any video you approve can be watched by any SFUSD student (PK-12). 

For videos that are not appropriate for students of all ages, especially for videos that could be watched on accident by young students, we recommend temporarily approving the video while using it in class and then returning to "Remove" the video's approval once you're done with students needing to access it. This video of a dissection could be found by a very young student looking for videos about cats, for example:

Learn more about approving videos and channels in YouTube.

Need help or feel nervous about approving a video?

If you have any other questions about YouTube videos, approvals, or appropriateness for all SFUSD students,​ please submit a Help Desk ticket. DoT is happy to consult and offer advice on what to do in certain situations.

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