How do I get a shared Google drive for my team? Can I get a new account to store important files for my team?

Sometimes teams need a neutral space not tied to a single person to store important files. In the past, DoT's only option was to create a new account and have people share the password to access its Drive. However, over time, Google has significantly improved the tools and features available for sharing a digital file storage space. DoT no longer creates standalone accounts, as this poses a significant security risk and can result in Google automatically deactivating the shared account due to multiple logins.

To create a Google Drive space that's easy to share with a changing group of people, you can use a shared drive. Shared drives are a separate Google Drive space, and each person is granted access to it with their own SFUSD account. If the team or group changes, the team's manager can easily remove and add people without impacting what is inside the shared drive. SFUSD is the owner of all files and folders in a shared drive.

Students can also be added to shared drives as long as there is a staff member supervising the shared drive.

Learn more about shared drives: Things to know about shared drives

To request a new shared drive, the team or group's manager should submit a Help Desk ticket. Please include a requested name for the shared drive within the ticket.

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