How do I adjust my Google Meet's access settings?

Google Meet has improved a lot in the past couple years, and Meet is now the district's recommended video meeting platform for most virtual meetings. In July 2023, every SFUSD staff member received an Education Plus license, which enables many powerful meet features, including breakout rooms, enhanced noise cancellation, polls, Q&A, cohosts, and additional meeting management controls. 

What are host controls?

Host controls are the Meet's security settings, which you can find in the bottom right corner of Meet. Clicking on the host controls icon will open a sidebar with many security settings.

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The host and all cohosts can adjust the host controls at any time during the meeting.

What are the recommended settings I should use?

This depends a lot on the purpose of the meeting. In general, if you're meeting with colleagues and other adults you know, the default settings are generally okay. If you're meeting with students, we recommend turning off the "Share their screen" setting. You might also keep the chat off until you've had a chance to set norms for the space.

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Important: If your Meet link is posted anywhere public, such as on a district website page or on social media, you'll want to turn off most of these settings to ensure a safe, respectful meeting space.

What if I have students using one of my old abandoned Meet links unsupervised?

Meet links never go away; they exist forever. Students can't create their own Meet links, so sometimes they will find an old Meet link to hang out in. If you receive a Meet attendance report for a meeting you don't remember creating, it's likely that students are using it. Learn more about Meet attendance reports

To prevent students from using your abandoned Meet link, open up the Meet while logged into your SFUSD account. If you don't know where to find the Meet, copy the 10 digit meeting code (abc-defg-hij) from the Meet attendance report email, go to, and paste the meeting code in the box that says "Enter code or nickname".

Once you're in the meeting, click the host controls icon in the bottom right corner, and scroll down in the sidebar until you get to the "Meeting access" section. Click the slider bar next to "Host must join before anyone else" to turn that setting on. The slider bar will turn blue when the setting is on. Then close the Meet. No students will be able to use the Meet link from now on, unless you are present.

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Other questions about Meet?

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