What is a Meet attendance report? Why am I receiving it?

In July 2023, all SFUSD staff received an Education Plus license for Google tools. These licenses come with a whole bunch of exciting new features, like breakout rooms in Meet and the document approval workflow in Google Docs. Another premium feature is Meet attendance reports for Meet hosts. Any time someone hosts a Meet meeting that has 2 or more people in it, the host automatically receives a meeting attendance report. You are the host of a meeting if you created the meeting link, either through Calendar, through Gmail/Chat, or at meet.google.com

If you don't remember creating this Meet...

Meet links never go away, and sometimes students will stumble across an old abandoned Meet link. Since students can't create their own Meet links, they will sometimes use that old Meet link to hang out unsupervised. If you're receiving a Meet attendance report, you created the Meet link at some point, which makes you the host. You can prevent students from joining your old Meet link unsupervised by adjusting a simple setting to not let anyone join the meeting without you also present. 

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Learn more about adjusting a Meet's access settings

If you don't want to receive Meet attendance report emails:

There is not a setting yet to turn this automated report off, so DoT recommends creating a filter in Gmail to automatically send new meeting reports to the trash, skipping your inbox.

To create a filter, open one of the emails you received, and click the three vertical dots menu (looks like a snow-person).


Choose "Filter messages like these", and a small popup window will appear. 


Gmail has automatically set the correct email address, so click "Create filter" at the bottom of that popup.


Now check "Delete it" and "Also apply filter to ## matching conversations". Then click "Create filter". 


Now all future Meet attendance reports will go straight to the trash. You can still find those messages by opening your trash, but they won't show up in your inbox. Emails in the trash are automatically deleted 30 days after you sent them to the trash, but if you have an attendance report you want to keep, you can move the deleted email out of the trash or download the attached attendance report.

If you have questions or need help with filters or Google Meet settings, you can submit a Help Desk ticket.

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