How do I get my SFUSD Google Drive files? I've already left SFUSD and don't have access to my account anymore.

What happens to their account when someone leaves SFUSD?

When an employee leaves SFUSD, their account is deactivated, not deleted. Deactivation is like a pause button; no one can log into that account, and it can't receive new emails or create new files.

This means that all the files the employee created and shared with others stay intact. No files are deleted or unshared when accounts are deactivated.

I already left SFUSD and want my files.

Submit a Help Desk ticket for your request, and include your former SFUSD email and a general scope of which files you want. This could be a folder of teaching or training materials, or it could be a single file, for example. Some files are federally protected by FERPA, which include student work, names, scores, email addresses, form responses, special education documents, and other information protected by federal law. Taking student data outside of SFUSD is a violation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). 

Please note: Current SFUSD employees' Help Desk tickets are always prioritized over those from departed employees, so it may take a long time for DoT to respond to you if the Help Desk/DoT is busy.

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