How do I get SchoolMessenger (autodialer) Access or Authorization Form for Principals to authorize staff?

The Department of Technology (DoT) offers schools access to the SchoolMessenger automated broadcast notification system, also known as an autodialer or robo-caller, for broadcasting general and emergency information to their community rapidly. SchoolMessenger allows principals and/or their delegated school staff to deliver recorded voice messages, email, SMS text messages, or any combination of these.

The source of parent/guardian contact information is the Synergy Student Information System. Because of this, efforts should be made by the school to encourage families to keep their contact information up to date via the Family Portal ParentVue [link].

SchoolMessenger is cloud-based and is therefore accessible from anywhere there is an Internet connection. A mobile App is also available for iOS and Android devices for those times when access to a computer is not readily available.

At the start of each school year, new principals are automatically issued a SchoolMessenger account but they may request accounts for school administrators or other staff that they authorize to broadcast on their behalf by submitting the online form linked here: Principal's SchoolMessenger Authorization Form [link]. Once the account is set up, a DoT Help Desk Team member will reach out with resources for utilzing SchoolMessener.

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