How do I print student class schedules (Locator Cards) from Synergy?


Student class schedules, also known as Locator Cards, may be ordered from and printed by the Department of Technology Production Operations Team by submitting a service request ticket.  If you prefer to print the Locator Card yourself at school, following are the recommend settings for best results.

  1. Login to Synergy SIS.
  2. On the Tree Menu, navigate to Synergy SIS> Schedule> Reports> Individual> STU202 Student Schedule.
  3. Set Term Filter Start and Term Filter End.  If left blank, all terms will be included.
  4. *You may print for a specific grade level or a range of grades by selecting the Grade -> Grade fields.
  5. Check the box next to Hide All Personal Information. If you don’t, it will print home address, phone number, parent/guardian name, etc. This is normally omitted so that if the Locator Card is lost, the student’s personal information isn’t floating around the hallways or sidewalks.
  6. Check the box next to Hide Teacher’s First Name.
  7. Check the box next to Show Counselor if you assign counselors and you want the name to appear.
  8. Check the box next to Show Homeroom Teacher if you have Homerooms and you want the teacher's name to appear.
  9. Check the box next to Show Homeroom Number if you have Homerooms and you want the room number to appear.


By default the locators will print in Alpha order. If you want to print by a specific period in order to distribute the locator cards, like Homeroom or Advisory, in the Grouping Info section set the Term and then set the Period to the period you want to group by. For example, if you want to distribute the locator cards to students during Homeroom and it meets 0 period, you’d set the Period field to “0” then when you print, they will print grouped by the Homeroom teachers’ names for distribution.

* If you want to print by grade level you must print each grade separately using the Grade field filters. Enter the specific grade you want to print for by selecting the grade in the left and right fields that show separated by the “ -> “.  You can also select a grade span to print, like grades 6 - 8 at a K-8 school, for example.

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