How do I add a course (school course opt-in) to my Synergy course table to add to my master schedule to create sections?

Adding a course to your course list to use in creating sections is called "School Course Opt-in."  It is a process that authorized school staff (typically secretaries, school administrators, and others authorized by the school administrations) can perform.  Following is how to Opt-in a course for your school.

1. Login to Synergy SIS.

2. On the tree menu, navigate to: Synergy SIS> Course> School Course Opt-in.

3. Use any one of the search fields along the top row to find the course you want and then tap <Enter> on your keyboard (see example below):

TIP: You can search using partial course titles, e.g. "Alg*" to show all courses starting with these letters.

4. Click the box under the Opt In column to place a check mark to the left of the course(s) you want to opt-in.

5. Click "Save" near the top of the screen save your work.

6. Search for other courses or simply close the window if you're done.

If you cannot find the course you need, it may not be permitted at your school.  In this case, you'll need to contact the Curriculum & Instruction Department to see if the course can be added to your course offerings.  The Curriculum & Instruction Department contacts may be searched in the district online directory.

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