How do I get a headset/headphone for my Mitel telephone?

Departments housed at 555 Franklin Street and 601 McAllister Street may purchase telephone headsets at their own cost (estimate is +/- $110.00).  The recommended headset is:

Jabra BIZ 2300 QD Mono NC headset with Jabra GN1200 Universal Smart Cord

This cost-effective model has been tested to successfully work with the District Office Mitel telephones and has a very simple and fast set up.  Click here for additional details.  This headset may be purchased at a variety of online sites and office supply/equipment retailers.  Online retailer HelloDirect carries this item as well as Jabra directly (these links are provided purely as a courtesy and are not endorsements of these companies).

Please note that you must purchase the Jabra GN1200 Universal Smart Cord in order for the headset to attach and function with your Mitel phone.  Some retailers may include this in a bundled price while others may require a separate purchase.

After your headset is delivered, your Mitel phone will need a button programmed to easily activate and deactivate the headset as needed.  Submit a service request ticket and a technician will visit you to complete the programming.


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