Distance Learning Resourcees and Tools for People Working with Students

How to Facilitate Digital Distance Learning: Use this guide to help you adapt your teaching and instruction to a distance learning format, including suggestions for tools you can use to engage students in their learning.

Preparing for Digital Distance Learning: This resource supports educators and professional learning providers in leveraging technology to remain connected with students both synchronously and asynchronously. This document also includes information about the Digital Backpack, using Screencastify to flip a lesson, and Digital Citizenship resources/curriculum.

Preparing for Digital Distance Learning Deck: This deck outlines some online teaching strategies and shares some basics for online facilitation.

Instructional Resources for content areas: Curriculum & Instruction (C&I) departments have created instructional resources teachers can use with students for distance learning. On this page you will find a searchable repository of SFUSD teacher-created resources that spans grade levels and content areas. If you scroll down, you will also find grade level and content-specific resources hosted in Google Classrooms.

How to Record a Synchronous Lesson Without Identifiable Student Information: Rather than recording a separate video later for students who weren't able attend a lesson, learn how to record the lesson as you deliver it over Meet or Zoom without capturing student names, voices, or images.

How to Support Students Who Can’t Participate Synchronously: Make alternative learning materials for students who can't join your lessons in Meet or Zoom using this resource created jointly by C&I and DoT.

Google Classroom resources: See all our resources for how to use Google Classroom as your learning management tool for grades 3-12. You'll also find a link here to a page you can share with families.

Google Classroom guidance for the 20-21SY: Learn best practices for setting up your SFUSD Google Classroom.

Access to Books & Audiobooks: SFPL provides information on how to get access to books and audiobooks for students.

Approved Digital Backpack Tools: Learn which learning tools are safe for use with students. These are also tools that you can get help with from the District.

Summer app access: See which apps and tools will be available over Summer 2020.

Screencastify how-to resource: Use Screencastify to record your screen and/or webcam to present information, model an activity, or flip your instruction.

Overview of student access to YouTube: Learn what access students have to YouTube with their SFUSD Google account.

Docs' translation tool: Google Docs has a built-in auto-translation tool you can use with ELL students or to translate resources for families.

Accessibility in Digital Design: It's important to make learning resources accessible to people with different access and comprehension needs.

Digital Learning's YouTube playlists: Watch videos created and curated by SFUSD's Digital Learning team to support topics like personalized learning environments, assessment tools & strategies, digital citizenship, and more.

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