Virtual Meeting Resources for people working with students

Guide to Virtual Meeting with Students: If meeting virtually with students over Meet or Zoom, read this all-inclusive guide to help you learn more about settings, limitations, and tips for a successful meeting.

Virtual meeting resources page: Find resources and materials to support virtual meetings with both students and with adults.

How to Record a Synchronous Lesson Without Identifiable Student Information: Rather than recording a separate video later for students who weren't able attend a lesson, learn how to record the lesson as you deliver it over Meet or Zoom without capturing student names, voices, or images.

Zoombombing: Learn about what Zoomboming is and how to prevent it happening to you & your Zoom meetings.

Zoom: Activating Your Managed Account: Follow these steps to activate your district Zoom account.

Zoom: Recommended Settings: Read about some default settings and some suggested settings to ensure you and your students get the most out of Zoom.

Zoom update to fix calendar (video): If Zoom isn't working well with your Google Calendar, watch this video to fix issues with the extension.

How to Support Students Who Can’t Participate Synchronously: Make alternative learning materials for students who can't join your lessons in Meet or Zoom using this resource created jointly by C&I and DoT.

Screencastify- Backpack support (how-to resource): Use Screencastify to record your screen and/or webcam to present information, model an activity, or flip your instruction.

Digital Learning's YouTube playlists: Watch videos created and curated by SFUSD's Digital Learning team to support topics like personalized learning environments, assessment tools & strategies, digital citizenship, and more.

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