How do I use the SchoolMessenger App for Teacher Initiated Messaging (TIM) for my classroom? I'm a classroom teacher and want to reach my students and/or their parents/guardians.

SchoolMessenger Teacher Initiated Messaging (TIM) lets teachers initiate two-way messaging communications with students in their classrooms and the students' parents/guardians.  In addition to mass messaging, teachers can create groups with specific students and/or their parents.

SchoolMessenger offers a 15-minute Teacher Messaging video referenced below, along with this Teacher Guide and PowerPoint slide deck, to get you up and running quickly.

Please register for SchoolMessenger App Teacher Initiated Messaging (TIM) webinar video here: SchoolMessenger TIM Webinar Registration. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar so you can watch the video.

The 15-minute video covers SchoolMessenger App Teacher Initiated Messaging (TIM) from the website that you can login at

In addition, you are welcome to contact SchoolMessenger support directly anytime at 800-920-3897 or via email to

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