Laptops for Educators (L4E) Distribution

To receive a Laptop for Educators (L4E) device, an educator must:

  1. Be a current San Francisco Unified School District employee
  2. Have an active SFUSD email account and password
    • Users will be unable to login or receive a device without one
  3. A minimum of .6 Full-Time Employment (FTE)
  4. With an eligible job classification
  5. Complete the required online SFUSD Acceptable Use Policy and Employee/User Equipment Release Form and Agreement forms.

Special Event Distribution (must be a registered attendee for either event to receive a device):

General Distribution: After August 13th all eligible educators can pick up a device by appointment. Please submit a ticket to or call 415-241-6476 to schedule a time. Pick up locations are as follows:

Note: Educators who previously received an L4E device but are no longer eligible through job reclassification or falling below .6 FTE will be required to return district-issued, L4E devices. After the beginning of the school year, the DoT will begin contacting educators with devices who are no longer eligible to participate in the L4E program to arrange collection.

Update: The Department of Technology will be refreshing L4E devices during the upcoming 2018-2019 school year. Details on the exchange are to come after the start of the school year. Please visit or contact for additional information.

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