How do I obtain Virtual Private Network (VPN) access?

The SFUSD Virtual Private Network (VPN) service provides access to the District’s network via a user’s Internet provider.  VPN access is intended for use only by SFUSD staff or authorized non-employees/contractors in roles/positions that require off-site or after-hours access to secured SFUSD technology systems.  Those with VPN access can remotely connect to SFUSD technology applications and services that are typically restricted when away from a District office or school.

Examples of systems that may or may not require VPN access:

VPN access will not provide users with access to file servers and/or computers located/housed at school sites.

SFUSD Employees and non-employees alike must submit the VPN Access Request Form (see VPN Policy and Request Form Rev 3 at the bottom of this article) in order to be considered for a VPN access account.

SFUSD staff requesting VPN access for non-employees/contractors working with their department must ensure that the non-employee/contractor already has a non-employee SFUSD network account username and password.  The non-employee/contractor access request process may be found at this link: Non-Employee Acceptable Use Policy & Technology Access Request.

Please be sure to follow the steps in order to prevent delays in reviewing the VPN account request (the steps are also included on the VPN Access Request Form):

  1. Complete the checklist and associated requirements on the request form.
  2. Print names where indicated.
  3. Sign and date the form where indicated.
  4. Obtain the approval signature of the responsible Central Office Department Head or Site Administrator.
  5. Scan the completed form and email to
  6. SFUSD Network Operations Team will submit for SFUSD Chief Technology Officer review.
  7. The requester will receive a notification of approval or rejection via email.
  8. If approved, VPN client software will need to be installed:
    • Employees: You may submit a Service Request to have the VPN client software installed on your computer.  Alternately, you may bring your laptop computer to the DOT Desktop Support Team Office for their weekly Laptop Clinic for installation.  Contact the Desktop Support Team at 415-615-8900 for details on the Laptop Clinic location and hours.
    • Non-Employees/Contractors: May be emailed information required to install and configure the VPN client software.
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