How can I add or invite students into Google Classroom?

Student email addresses do not auto-populate in Google Classroom because it is far too easy to invite the incorrect student(s).  By providing students with a class code to join a Classroom, you're sure to have only the invited students into your Google Classroom and the possibility that incorrect students are invited is almost all but eliminated.

To give students a code to add themselves to your Google Classroom:

  1. Sign in to Classroom at ( . 
  2. Go to the class page. The class code is on the left of the stream. 
  3. Provide students with the class code or write it on the board or project it on an overhead screen. 
  4. Give the students these instructions:
    • Sign in to Google Classroom at ( . 
    • On the Home page, click the "+" button in the upper, right-hand corner to join the class.  You may have to click the Menu then Classes in the upper left to see the "+" button.
    • Enter the code that I gave you in the box and click "Join."
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