How do I make a backup or archive copy of my Google data? I'm leaving the SFUSD.

Once your employment with the SFUSD ends, your SFUSD Google account will be inaccessible. To keep your Google documents and data, you can download a copy of your data. You should not keep copies of confidential or student-related data if you have such files: this includes examples of student work, forms where students have submitted responses, student scores/grades, student contact or identification information, IEPs or other SPED documents, and more. 

Download a Copy of Your Files to Your Local Computer

If you need to make a backup as an archive copy of your Google data because you're are leaving SFUSD employment or you simply want a backup copy, the Google Takeout tool will allow you to copy Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, and Google Drive content, among others.  Please review the Google Takeout tool procedures at the following link but be sure that you're logged into your SFUSD Google account before clicking it Please note that your Google Drive folder organization structure will not be preserved in the backup file. 

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