FAQs for move to Gmail

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How do I forward an Individual Message from a Conversation in Gmail?

  • Open the conversation in Gmail.
  • Make sure the individual message you want to forward is expanded.
    • If you cannot see at least part of the email's text, click on the sender's name in the conversation's list of messages.
    • Click the down arrow (More when you hover the mouse cursor over it) next to the Reply button in the message's Header Area(where the sender and subject are named).
    • Select Forward from the menu that appears.
    • To forward the very last message on the page, you can also click Forward in the Click here to Reply or Forward field that follows it
    • Address  and send the forward
    • You can also turn off conversation view in Gmail, to view — and forward — messages individually.

Question: I’ve created a Google Site, but I can access it only when I sign in with my “t.” account even after migration

Answer: If a user types in sites.google.com it will take them to sites.google.com/a/sfusd.edu. Put the t. back into the URL.sites.google.com/a/t.sfusd.edu. Her site(s) will appear under that directory. If one navigates to sites.google.com/a/s.sfusd.edu student sites will be visible. Site URLs do not change when a user name is changed or moved to another domain. Also, sites technically don't belong to the user account but rather the GAFE domain it was created. This means that when a user is deleted, his or her site remains intact and lives on until the site is manually deleted.


Question: Will there be an issue accessing SchoolLoop?

Answer: We do not anticipate any issues in School Loop resulting from the domain change. Please let us know if you encounter any issues help@sfusd.edu


Question: What if I created a Google Account using my SFUSD email, resulting in conflicting accounts?

Answer: https://support.google.com/a/answer/185186?hl=en


Question: Sent email is not appearing in sent folder (Outlook)

Answer: Are the users referring to items that they have sent/read after the migration started? If so, these items won't be picked up till the next delta pass starts; which is today. By the time we get to the GoLive date and run the final delta pass all of their email items should be up to date.


Question: Not all email is appearing in Outlook and going directly into Gmail

Answer: For email messages that are going directly into Gmail, sounds like they have either a direct routing rule (not dual delivery but a forward to Gmail before hits their Outlook account) or the message is being sent to the t.sfusd.edu domain which has MX records set to deliver email directly to Gmail.


Question: Read email from Outlook is appearing as Unread in Gmail

Answer: Forthcoming


Question:Outlook hierarchy organization not aligning in Gmail

Answer: Regarding the Outlook hierarchy, they are most likely referring to the direct Inbox subfolders and how they are re-created in Gmail. Please keep in mind that Gmail doesn't allow a direct sub-label of Inbox, so the folders will come over as Inbox/SubFolder Name.

Question: Will District Active Directory Groups remain active?

Answer: Groups created in Active Directory (e.g. the district listserve groups) are not yet migrating. They will not migrate until the Go Live date of Monday, March 7.


If you manually created email groups in Outlook, you will have to recreate those email contact groups in Gmail.


Question:  Can we Email outside of SFUSD domain?

If we go fully to the Gmail, will I be able to email my students' parents?

Currently(February 2016), they are unable to email me and I'm unable to email them. This is a major concern because I do not want to use my personal email to email my students' parents.  Outlook gives me that function, but I do not understand why Gmail does not.


Answer: Yes, you will be able to e-mail outside of the SFUSD domain once we migrate to Google Monday, March 7


Question: Where can I access information about SFUSD Google?

Answer:   google.sfusd.edu


Question: Where can I get more information about Google Guides and Google Trainers?

Answer: google.sfusd.edu


Question: Working without Internet connection

Will we have an option to work offline in google once we migrate? Like accessing our calendars and inbox? When the Internet has been down in the past, our work with anything google ground to a halt.


Answer: Yes, you'll be able to establish the working offline feature in Google. Click the gear icon, scroll to Settings, click on Offline in the menu bar, click Install Offline.


Question: Time expectations and compensation as Google Guide and Google Trainer  

I am working during the day (7:30am - 3pm), is it possible for me to become a Google Trainer? Is there any compensation for become a Google Guide vs. Google Trainer?


Answer:  Anyone in the district can become a Google Guide and Google Trainer. Please see the Google Compensation Matrix


Question: Naming Conventions We must not ignore the necessity of a district-wide naming protocol so that students' digital files are organized, easily searchable, and accessible.


Answer: While the district cannot implement a district-wide policy, there are best practices that we are currently developing. Please find some examples here.


Question: Google domains that are outside of SFUSD.  

There are websites attached to this that my team of coaches use. Will these websites be deleted or will my team be able to access the information under the new configuration?


Answer: Any domain that you have outside of SFUSD is not managed by the district, so it will not be impacted. We recommend that people use the official SFUSD domain to be in line with district policy when it come to protecting the data of our students (it is possible for you to move the information over), but in general, the out-of-district domains are not impacted.


Question: Student Account Deactivation

Answer: TBD


Question: What will happen to material already created in our Google Drive account?

Answer: Your current material will not be impacted. This pertains to YouTube as well.


Question: Graduate - accounts post graduation; transferring materials out

Answer: There is something called Google Takeout. That might be an option. There's no immediate answer/solution because this is something that would be impacting the high schools at large. We don't want to provide you with a band-aid answer.


Question: Folders from Outlook to Labels in Gmail

Answer: If you have a label in Gmail with the same name as a folder in Outlook, there will then be two labels in Gmail with the same name.


Question: Will the 20MB email attachment limit from Outlook to Gmail apply for migration?

Answer: SFUSD doesn't allow emails w/ attachments over 20MB in Outlook to go through already, this is why we have communicated that emails over 20MB won't get migrated. This shouldn't be an issue.

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