Do all SFUSD employees have Google Apps accounts?

Yes.  All active SFUSD employees have Google Apps accounts.  Once an employee leaves the SFUSD service, the account is automatically disabled.

Employee Google accounts usernames are the same as their SFUSD network login and email usernames (the part to the left of and passwords but when logging into Google Apps, you will need to add the domain name in order to login.  For example, if your SFUSD email address is, to login to Google Apps, you will enter using the same password as your SFUSD account.

If you have difficulty logging onto your Google Apps account but you can login to your computer or your Outlook/Exchange email account, your accounts may be out of Sync.  The best first steps it to try to Sync. your account password by navigating to (for security, you must be on the SFUSD network when you attempt this) and change your password.  Once you've change it, you can change it back if you want.

If after trying to reset you password you still have difficulties logging in, you may call the SFUSD DoT Help Desk at 415-241-6476. option 1, and they can look further into your issue.  As an alternative, you may also submit a service request ticket at this service request web site by logging in above.

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