I'm an employee and my Google+ account says that my account is suspended because I'm under 13 years old. How do I fix this?

I got a message that says:

"This user was permanently suspended on October XX, 2015 because they indicated they were under 13 years of age when signing up for Google+. Google Apps does not allow users under 13 years old. This account will automatically be deleted in XX days"

When an employee accesses his/her Google+ account for the first time, Google requests a birth date to confirm that the users is at least 13 years old. Students younger than 13 years of age are not allowed to have Google+ accounts due to federal FERPA and COPPA laws. If a teacher does not enter his or her passwords correctly or the birth date indicates a user is below the legal age limit, it will result in automatic suspension of the account.

If you received this message, a Google search may lead you to scam web pages that will charge your a fee to "fix" the account issue.  DO NOT SHARE YOUR INFORMATION NOR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION because Google does not charge a fee for correcting this nor are they able to perform updates on the SFUSD Google domain.

To resolve this issue, submit an SFUSD IT service request or telephone the DoT Help Desk at 415-241-6476 and one of the analysts will assist you by editing your birthdate to one that will enable you account.  Once you're able to login again, you can change your Google+ account settings to reflect your actual birth date.

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