How do I get a new SFUSD network username login and/or email account for a non-employee or renew an existing account that has expired?

Individuals who are not SFUSD employees may be granted an SFUSD network username/login on a limited basis.

Before a non-employee may be granted an account, they must indicated their acceptance of the SFUSD "Acceptable Use Agreement and Technology Access Request - Non-Employee 2018" (AUP) by signing and submitting the AUP (see the document link at the bottom of this article).

On the AUP, there must be an SFUSD employee named who is responsible for supervising/monitoring the non-employee's use of SFUSD technology resources. This SFUSD responsible employee must also complete the form that will define the system(s) to which access is requested and, finally, the requesting central office department chief (or executive director) or school principal or assistant principal must indicate their approval of the request. Please note that additional system-specific forms may also need to be submitted if requesting access to systems that are subject to a higher level of review; in these cases, Department of Technology staff will advise the individual named as the "SFUSD responsible employee."

When filling in the form, supply all requested information, even if it seems redundant, because forms may be separated during processing. Forms incorrectly filled in or have missing information will be denied.

Non-employee account requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and submission of the form does not guarantee that an account will be issued.

The request form below may be typed into (see blue fields) and saved and/or printed.

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