How do I setup my new iPad? (DEP July 2014 or later)


SFUSD DEP Enrolled iPad Setup Guide

The purpose of this guide is to walk users through the setup of a personal SFUSD-issued iPad.

[Created 8/28/14 by James Grady,ITD]


1.     Turn on your iPad!

2.     Select your Language

3.     Select your region. You probably live in the United States

4.     Select your wi-fi network:  SFUSD.  Once enrollment is complete, the sfusd-mobi wi-fi network will be made available as well.

5.     Log into SFUSD using your SFUSD Active Directory credentials

6.     Accept the Certificate 

7.        You will then see the following message:  "it may take a few minutes to activate your iPad"

8.     Followed by:  "Configuration"

  "san Francisco Unified Sch Dist will automatically configure your iPad"

9.     If you get an error screen, that’s ok; it happens more often than not.

Hold down the lock button and power off the iPad.

Turn it back on and begin again.

Once restarted, proceed to the next step.


10.  Choose "Set up as new iPad"

11.  Click Next  You will see



                       "san Francisco Unified Sch Dist will automatically configure your iPad"


12.  Sign in with your Apple ID. If you do not have one, select “Create a New Apple ID” using your SFUSD credentials or

you may use the device Asset tag number  "".   Check with your Tech Lead or Help Desk for this password.


13.  Click “Get Started”

14.  You can verify successful enrollment with SFUSD by selecting

Settings > General > Profiles (near the bottom).     There should be  three  profiles installed


15.  Last step! Rename your device using the SFUSD Standard Naming Convention.

open “Settings” and then go to “General->About—> and click on “Name

*Note: Please rename your iPad to “ORG-t-AssetTag#” (where ORG is the 3 character ORG code of the department purchasing the iPad and AssetTag# is the actual asset tag number on the back of your iPad) so that the IT Department will be able to identify your iPad for future  app updates. Use  "s"  instead of "t" if this is a student iPad,

  To change it just open “Settings” and then go to “General->About—> and click on “Name” and then you will be able to rename the iPad there.

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