How do I get help or support with my classroom smartboard?

Your Interactive Whiteboard or Projector  is not working right and now you need to get it fixed. Here are some common issues and steps you can take to get support.


  1. "Replace lamp" light on and no image is projecting.
  2. Whirring sound when powering up, then shuts down.
  3. Image flickers, strange colors.
  4. Projector error lights flashing.
  5. No sound coming out of board speakers.
  6. Pen not working, won't calibrate.

These issues may require an authorized service provider to visit your site and perform an evaluation, provide a quote and then, once approved by your site Administrator, perform a repair. The cost of the evaluation and subsequent repair will need to be covered by site funding if not covered by warranty. Please submit service request.


  1. Board failure Spiking.
  2. Not raising or lowering.
  3. Scratches/dents on board upon delivery.

For category 2 issues you will need to take a picture if it is physical damage and provide the serial number of the smartboard and projector in addition to purchase invoice. These issues are typically associated with new equipment.


  1. Software installation.
  2. Driver upgrades.
  3. software problems that require administrative access.
  4. Network or device connectivity problems.

These issues can often be resolved by an SFUSD technician either over the phone or as part of a site visit. Helpful information would include: Make, Model, Serial number, SFUSD Asset Tag, issue description, potential symptoms and last known working condition/time.

In most cases we can get you the quickest service when you can provide as much information as possible. Please submit a new service request and please be as detailed in your request as possible so that we can start working on your issue right away.

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