How do I get a login for the Synergy Student Information System or change my access or security level?

Synergy Student Information System accounts are established automatically based on your position as indicated in your SFUSD employee record.  For example, class room teachers' account are automatically created with the standard security permissions established for teachers to accomplish the tasks necessary for classroom management, e.g. posting classroom attendance, working in grade book.  Likewise, principals automatically have accounts created with security permissions geared toward their role as a school leader.

All of this said, there may be individuals whose Synergy access may need to be modified or expanded beyond their normal position duties.  In this case, the following form may be downloaded and submitted for consideration: Synergy Expanded Access Request Form.

Once the form is filled in, the school school principal or, if a assigned to a central office department, the department head (executive director or higher) approves the request and then it's submitted as indicated on the bottom of the form.  The requester will be contacted when the request is approved or denied.

Fill in all requested information; incomplete forms will not be processed.

If you have questions, submit a service request at this website or telephone the Help Desk at 415-241-6476, option 2.

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