Should we use iPads for SBAC testing?

Keep in mind that a wired connection for testing is always preferred because it is a faster and more reliable response compared to wireless.

Based upon schools' feedback from the SBAC Field testing, iPads are not recommended at this time.

Prior to the actual test date, please

1) review all documentation regarding SBAC testing and iPads;

2) rehearse the test with the same number of students and in the same location as you plan to test in so you are familiar with securing the app, response time, etc. 


Related Requirements: Enabling Guided Access and Autonomous Single App Mode 

To ensure a secure test environment, Guided Access (for iOS tablets running versions earlier than 7.1) or Autonomous Single App Mode(for iOS tablets running version 7.1 or later) must be enabled and activated before students can log in to a test session.

For more information about Guided Access and Autonomous Single App Mode, refer to this Apple article 

It is recommended that you download the Technical Specifications and Configuration Guide for CAASPP Online Testing (PDF).

Casper Focus may also be used to secure the test environment. Please see the CASPER FOCUS FAQ in this section.



For known issues, see the posts at this link:

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