How do I get the standard Windows or Apple computer set up or image on my new computers?

When new computers are ordered and then delivered to your site they must be set up by an Information Technology Department technician before they can be used by faculty or staff; this includes quality control measures that ensure each unit is imaged properly with the correct software and enabled for district wireless or other network access. Computers that are assigned to individuals can be set up for a single primary user and lab computers can be set up for multiple user logins. Both kinds of “use sets” take different configurations, for example; computers or laptops designated for an individual would also require a technician to provide set up with their SFUSD email on Outlook with a brief overview provided for basic use.

The staff who will be assigned the computer should be available during the set up process in order to provide any login passwords, specific configuration requests or software installations or needed peripheral connections like printers or scanners.

In order to get your computer set up as quickly as possible please submit a service request that includes the following:

1. How many computers need to be set up in total.

2. How many are for single users and how many are for shared use:

a. Please identify the single use computer(s) and provide in the individual’s name(s) and notify them that they will need to meet with an Information Technology technician during set up.

3. Where the computers are located and when they can best be accessed.

4. Printers, software or other special instructions to be included during the set up.

After the set up is completed, all staff can login to SFUSD wireless or access the network using their SFUSD login.

Please remember to have all asset tags and MRR paperwork filled out and ready for staff signature when computers are being distributed.
If you need more information or require any kind of assistance prior to submitting your service request, please email or call Dave Pankenier or call 615-8900.

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