Technology Checklist for In-Person Learning

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Upon returning to in-person learning, there are considerations and constraints with technology that schools will need to plan for in partnership with the Department of Technology. Currently, SFUSD does not have a sufficient device inventory or financial resources to make a device available at school and at home for each and every student. While at home, students will continue to work remotely using their personal devices or the devices provided by SFUSD. While in-person at school, students with an SFUSD device should plan to bring their device to and from school. Technology will be used by students at school for in-person learning and at home for distance learning. 

Additional equipment beyond student devices and Laptop for Educator devices likely will not be available due to supply chain issues and fiscal constraints, so please plan accordingly (see considerations and constraints for more information).

CONCURRENT TEACHING UPDATE: We understand some schools may be considering concurrent teaching - where students who are in-person and in-distance learn together at the same time. For technology, there are constraints and challenges that need to be considered before making the decision to implement concurrent teaching. Central offices are working collaboratively, including DoT, to develop considerations for concurrent teaching. At this time, DoT does not have centralized supports/resources in place to partner with schools on concurrent teaching. Please read on for technology-based constraints and considerations for concurrent teaching.


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