How do I request to use my 18 PD hours in EMPowerSF?

The 18 PD Hours is a type of “bank” that educators are entitled to. It requires administrator/manager approval before it is added to the timesheet. Therefore, it goes through the same process as when an employee requests time off.

  1. Login to

  2. Click on the Time & Attendance tile to get to Workforce Time & Attendance.

  3. Click My Time Off under the Schedules panel
  4. The Create Time Off screen is displayed.  Click the Create New Request icon.
  5. The first option is for extended or long-term leaves of absence such as Maternity, FMLA or Military. The second option is for time off (i.e. illness, vacation, bereavement, etc.) and this includes 18 PD hours requests. The option to select PD Hours will appear in the next page. So, click the Continue button to proceed.
  6. Select the Time Off Type from the dropdown menu. Certificated staff have “FWEA 18 PD Hours Continuing Ed“ in the dropdown. Classified staff have “FWEA 18 PD Hours Continuing Ed-PAR”   Select either of the two options. It taps into your 18 Hour PD bank.
  7. Enter the name of the PD or activity in the comments. You may also upload attachments (if relevant). To enter specific hours, click the word Hours to enter the number of hours.
  8. Click Submit once you are done. Once the request is approved by the supervisor, the pay codes and hours are defaulted into the timesheet for the selected day(s).

For additional resources on notifying your manager of absences, please visit the Time & Attendance Guide:

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