SFUSD-GUEST Wifi Enabled District Wide

Effective, Friday, September 29th at 8:00 am, the Department of Technology will re-enable the SFUSD-GUEST wireless network across all of SFUSD’s sites. No username or password will be required to log on to the guest wireless network. This network offers parents, families, and visitors an easy option to connect to the Internet while at school sites. 

This network will appear as SFUSD-GUEST in your available networks list and if you have any questions or difficulty in accessing this network, please do not hesitate to contact us at help@sfusd.edu

It is important to note that the SFUSD-GUEST wireless network is intended for non-employee, non-student “guests” visiting schools and offices who need basic Internet access. It does not provide full access to the SFUSD network or systems; and access is limited to two (2) continuous hours before automatic disconnection. Therefore, it should not be used by employees or students.

For the best and most comprehensive wireless experience, including the ability to access SFUSD online systems, to print, and to have an unlimited connection time with role-based (i.e. staff/student) content filtering, employees and students should connect to the SFUSD wireless network using their SFUSD username and password. 

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