How do I update (change, add, delete) my school information (phone, description, tours, etc.) on the SFUSD website?


Principals (or designated school staff): Complete the form below (see links) at any time to update your school's description on, and in the upcoming SFUSD Enrollment Guide (2018-19). The form will take about 30 minutes to complete.

To start:

  • Log into your SFUSD Google account
  • Click on the link below for your school level
  • After completing the form, click submit
  • Return to the link at any time to make updates on

Note: If you already completed the form, you do not need to update everything to request school description changes. Only update what has changed or been added at your school.

Submissions will be used as is and will not be edited. Only one staff member should complete this form for your school. This form has replaced the SharePoint form previously used.

Submit school description updates:

View your school's current description on

Need inspiration?

Visit the SFUSD Marketing Toolkit for tips on school description writing and promotion. You also can find:

  • Templates for brochures, flyers, letters, newsletters, and postcards
  • SFUSD official logos and stock photos
  • Style guides
  • Media/photo permission forms

SFUSD Marketing Toolkit:

For additional information, contact the SFUSD Communications Office (SFUSD directory).

Central office departments that need to update their website information/data should submit a service request ticket that will be forwarded to the SFUSD Communications Office.

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